Ramblings about Wheels. 

The wheel. No corners. No edges. When it begins to spin you can’t tell where it begins or ends. It is continuous. It maneuvers seamlessly across the landscape. That is, if it is durable enough to withstand the terrain. 

It makes moving easier. Faster to move. What can be carried can now be stored on a wagon or vehicle. More can be done because of the wheel. 

People have said my being in a wheelchair makes me less. I disagree. I am just the same as you and you the same as me. We are all on this journey. I am just rolling there instead. These weird ramblings about wheels have now turned into rhymes inside my head. 

I shall bid you good day and roll away. On my perfectly pumped wheels of awesomeness. I hope I have made you smile as we walk, roll and talk awhile. On this journey of life some walk and some roll. But we are all in this together. 

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