Become The Standard. 

The standard today has become, What can I get from you? Where is my piece of the pie?’ We have quickly become greedy and moved from ‘Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country!’ to, ‘I want! I need! What’s in it for me?’ 

Not that long ago an entire generation of men and women stood up and said, ‘We will not go quietly!! Where can we help? How can we fight this war??’ That was World War 2, fought on many shores from 1939 to 1945. Six years of ‘I want to help!’ was the standard. Now? That is considered substandard. 

We need to once again become a humanity of givers. Not just one nation, not just one group of people, but ALL HUMANITY! I promise you, when we raise the standard to that level and quit living this Poor me, what’s in it for me? Lifestyle, everyone would thrive in life. Why do we have substandard conditions for so many right now? Because we need every single person alive to raise the standard and say, ‘I have enough! What can I give you today?’ When that happens, substandard will be erased because if everyone is doing it, it becomes the standard. 

Bad Words. 

Lose. Lost. Didn’t win. Didn’t work hard enough. Didn’t put in the effort. These words and phrases have become taboo to say in today’s society. What does that create? A society that is substandard. Why have we not allowed the best, the cream of the crop to be the pinnacle anymore? Now, everyone has to be included, or feelings get hurt. Waaaaaaaaa!! You didn’t allow me. 

In 1990, I wasn’t allowed to play football, why? Because I was born with a birth defect called Spina Bifida and my legs don’t work. A key point of playing FOOTBALL, is to have FEET THAT WORK!! I never cried about it. I never screamed out and said, ‘I need to be included or my feelings will be hurt and you will pay for that!!’ Now, we have lowered our bars on everything so we are now substandard. The standard should be the pinnacle. You want the standard? Then reach for it! Then work for it!! Now, we have to create a trophy for everyone so they feel like a winner. 

To say that someone needs to work harder at something has become bad words. To tell someone, ‘You didn’t make the cut.’ Has become bad words. When and why did we lose that? Not everyone can be included in everything. It is time to raise the standards again. 

My First. 

I am a D.J. I work for a company out of Montevideo, Minnesota called D.J. Systems. We are AWESOME!! But, as someone who wants to perfect his craft, I know I have a long way to go. 

And to think, it all started with This. The original album from Darude was one of the first turntablism/mixing albumns that got me so on fire for Djaying. Listen to the albumn and I hope it creates a passion for you as it did for me. 

Lust Is Fleeting. 

Just a few minutes ago I posted the way I thought to look at lust differently. What I didn’t take into account was the simple truth that lust is fleeting. Lust never lasts. Passion dies. There are hills and valleys in life. What do we do to keep us going when the passion dies? 

I experienced that this week. 8 hours a day, Djaying for our local county fair. That’s a lot of music and a lot of announcements, my friends. I did AWESOME for the first three days. It was a five-day fair this year and by yesterday mid-day, I was done. My lust to make the crowds dance and sing to my music, and to let them know where to go for food and events, flickered out like a candle. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do! I have a passion for Djaying, but a five-day gig to come up with new music and a new way to present things every single day, that gets long. But, another Fair is in the books now and my passion for people and bringing joy to others remains. 

Make it happen.

Lust is one of those things that can get a bad rep. Lust is often associated with strong sexual desires. And yes, it can be. But, a person can also have a lust for life, or a lust to make dreams come true. Lust means a strong desire. It need not always be sexual, but that’s what our world does. It sexualizes every thing it can! I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, ‘Sex Sells.’ And, ‘It is the oldest profession.’ 

But I want you to look at this word in a different light. Have a lust for life. Have a lust for helping others in any way you can. Crave, have a passion for being the best example this world needs! That is a lust to strive towards. 

Do you have a way you can help others? Make it happen. 

Turning A Negative Into A Positive. 

When I google the word Pest, this is what I find: 

 nuisance, annoyance, irritation, irritant, thorn in one’s flesh/side, vexation, trial, the bane of one’s life, menace, trouble, problem, worry, bother; informalpain (in the neck), aggravation, headache, nudnik

Not much pisitivity there, is it? I like that one word though Trial. A trial is a pest? Well, that means that a pest can be used to make one stronger! 

You’ve heard it said before, and I am now saying it again, don’t discount the pain of life. Growing pains must happen to make us stronger. A trial means we must work harder to achieve the desired goal. So, sure. Look at something as a pest, but let it grow you stronger through the trial of it. 

Another positive way to look at a pest. Sometimes, we look at a younger sibling as a pest, right? They want to be around us all the time. They copy what we do. They get annoying with their questions about what we are doing. They can become a pest. But, why do they do that? 

They do that because they are younger and they are trying to learn about their world from us. The best way to grow and to learn is to be a pest with questions. But, as the teacher we must realize they don’t know any better, so it is a perfect opportunity to practice patience. 

See, there is always a positive lesson to be learned. Even with a pest.