Another Blank. 

Today’s Daily Post Word Of The Day is Scamper. Dash, scurry, race, sprint, hurry, hasten. So many words to describe a quick motion, aren’t there? 

Scamper only makes me think of cartoons. To watch a cartoon character’s legs turn into wheels as they scamper from place to place. And then, that imagery makes me think of the human race. 

We scamper from place to place not really paying attention, why? We don’t pay attention to details anymore because we have to keep moving from place to place in such a hurry. It’s sucks! Forgive my language, I don’t usually speak like that, but it does. We have lost our purpose because we have become to fast on everything. We need to slow down and stop our scampering. We are not here to run around make money and die. We need to make a difference and that takes time. 

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