If You Have A Chance. 

It is a little over an hour, maybe just an hour outside of the Twin Cities Metro, but it is truly worth the travel time. What am I talking about? Why, Taylor Falls, of course. 

We took an hour and a half riverboat tour. We hiked along areas of rock that had been bored out by glacial waters. And the piece de resistance’… we had gas station ice cream! 

Yes, my wife, my father and I all enjoyed a two-scoop cone from a tiny gas station. And it was awesome ice cream!! My father enjoyed a blueberry cheesecake ice cream, I believe it was. And my wife and I enjoyed a chocolate chunk style ice cream which they titled French silk pie. I really should have written this earlier yesterday so I would have remembered the details, but here we are. I may add them in after my wife gets off the phone with her mom. Isn’t blogging about real life a hoot?! Anyway, go to Taylor Falls! It’s on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border. I think it is actually considered Wisconsin. And, give yourself plenty of time to get there if you make reservations for the boat tour. This town is amazingly popular and the trek in, at least on Highway 95 was Stop and go for about 10 miles!!! Lots of action and excitement over the things to explore and do in Taylor Falls! Check it out. 

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