Open Interpretation. 

The dash. We make it seem like something quick. I’m gonna dash to the store. The 100 meter dash. I’ll have that done for you in a dash. Just a dash of salt. I don’t see it that way. 

A dash, to me is drawn out. On a tombstone you see a birthdate, a death date and in the middle is a dash. We say, this person lived from this year to this year. That dash can make it seem like such a short time, but we don’t know all of the moments lived within that dash. A person can live a few minutes, a few hours, and everything in between up to over 100 years! That’s a long dash! 

My dash is still going at 41 years. And within that time I have lived an amazing life. If I die while Djaying a 50th birthday party tonight in my local hometown area, I don’t want anyone to say my dash didn’t amount to anything. I have loved more than I could have ever imagined. I have suffered loss in all sorts of manor. I have had joys that I thought could never be topped. I have seen beautiful things with my eyes that my Lord and Savior created with His Own Hands! Trust me, my dash is not empty. 

So, how’s your dash? Are you loving and living a full life? If you died after reading this without another moment to tell someone you loved them, would they know? Are you taking full advantage of the gifts God has given you to use to bring people to Him and for His glory? Or are you in this for yourself? 

Your dash is not meant to be all about you. I djay because music brings happiness and love out of people. When people dance, it’s always joy! Okay, sometimes we dance in sadness, or remembrance of someone who is no longer with us. But, sadness and relemberance can bring joy! Tears water our soul to help new things grow. 

What are you feeling and filling your dash with today? Make it great the moments that remain! 


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