Winding down. 

I finished another awesome show with D.J. Systems a couple hours ago and I just sat outside for an hour. Staring up at the sky and seeing what friends and family have been up to on Facebook. 

I am finally wound down enough from the energy of a perfect 50th birthday party! And as I looked up at the sky, I realized, I am one person. But, as one person, I made a hundred people tonight sing and dance and tap their feet to the beat of some music. It truly was an inspirational night. 

I hope you realize how special you are tonight, or today, or tomorrow. We are all in different times of the world and we all are experiencing a different time. Whatever time you are in, I hope you take time to reflect on the good times. No matter how good or bad it seems right now, other times are ahead. And with the mountains and valleys of this life, you may seem small or defeated. You may seem to be on top of the world, ready to conquer all! And through it all, there is a creator, God, who loves you more than you can imagine. 

So, if it is night time for you, good night, sweet dreams. If it is Morning for you, rise up and meet the challenges of the day! If it is afternoon, keep going! The evening winding down is almost here for you. Stay the course and help others become awesome! I love you all! 

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