The Master’s Tools. 

We have all, well most, have been to a barber, or beautician. We have had our hair cut or trimmed, right? The barber is skilled to know what hair needs to be cut and to what length so a certain style can be achieved. 

A blacksmith shapes and molds metal into beautiful, workable pieces we can use. He hammers and pounds the metal into shape using fire and metal. 

I am a huge fan of Chuck Swindoll. I follow his ministry tools on Facebook. He has devotions and bible studies and resources he uses as tools to help people all around the world come to know the love Jesus has for us all. 

And so, today I had to share This devotional with all of you. I hope you find blessing in this and give all honor and glory to God. He loves you and as long as you are holding on to Him, it doesn’t matter what you are, He is the master craftsman and is making you into something beautiful. Once again, check out this amazing reading Here

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