Who Can You Meet? 

My wife and I purchased almost all our needs for camping and fishing this weekend. Nearly $300 later I said, ‘How about Pizza Ranch for supper?’ Of course she said yes! So, $280 later, bellies full my wife went home early to get the worms back in refrigeration. 

I finished my meal, because I am a slow eater. And I was sitting outside just enjoying the blessings of the day when what do I see? Three red pickups with Campers behind each one. A group of six people gets out, ‘Oh no! It looks deserted! Is it closed??!!’ ‘No. You’re fine. They’re open until 9.’ I came to find out they are from Michigan and they are crossing from Canada back to the states. Tomorrow they will be in Duluth, Minnesota. Then back up to Canada, then a few more stops between there and Michigan. 

Wow! You just never know who you’re gonna meet in small town Minnesota! And the blessings just keep on rolling in my life!! 

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