Tethered To A Noose. 

We all have ideas. We all have notions of right and wrong, true and false. But, what about the antithesis of these notions? Can they be true? What if they are more true than our current notions? 

500 years ago, the world was flat. We were the center of our own universe. Medical technologies were deadly wrong. No television. No electricity and no one had ever been off the ground, let alone in space. Now? All of these have happened. 

Are our own ideas holding us back from discovering and experiencing what is truly possible? We need to cut the tether of that’s not possible before it becomes a noose and strangles us all. Today, jump toward the impossible. If you believe, you can achieve. 

Let go of the rope you are holding on to and just free-fall into the awesomeness. Sure, it may hurt. Sure, you may fail. But being tethered to your current spot is not allowing you to discover what is truly possible. Let go. 

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