Tethered To Jesus.

I read the daily devotional Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. Today’s devotional being at peace within our thoughts. We live busy lives and when we are not tethered to the Holy Spirit we can lose sight of what is important. I did that today as well. It happens. 

The key is to know when it happens we stop. Stop what we are doing and immediately begin speaking to Jesus. Lord, I know my thoughts are not always tethered to you in this life. I know I let the daily business creep in and take over my mind. Lord, I pray you will help me with this process. I am a human and I fail. You know this because you created me. But you, Lord, are never more than a simple thought away. Help make me aware of the times my mind is not in You, Lord. Help my mind to become more like you with each passing moment. Amen. 

We need to become tethered to Jesus through these moment by praying like that. Our will needs to line up with His will. And that will be a tether not easily broken. 

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