As You May Have Known, 

As you may have known, I was not overwhelmingly involved in the blogosphere since Friday. And if you have read my previous post you will also hear the story of the one who got away, twice. 

What I want to share with you all now, is the ones that DID NOT get away!! My wife and our neighbor friends, Remmy and Kelly have been camping and fishing since Friday afternoon. I got terribly sunburned and I am paying the price for it now. Pain! Absolute pain! But the fun times and the awesome catch are well worth it all. 

Yesterday was my day! All told I caught 10 fish!! A few were keepers. We had quite a few bites from a fish our neighbor called Sheep Head. It was a grayish-white fish. 

This was the one that did not get away!! Highly impressive fish, if I do say so myself. However, we were informed by Remmy and Kelly that this was not a keeper. They are the bottom-feeders who keep the lake clean. 

This one, is one of 13 (I believe it was 13) who did not get away! I assure you, the beast I wrote of earlier who got away twice, was at least 5 pounds heavier and 7 inches longer than this bad boy! I unfortunately didn’t get a photo of the one who got away, because he got away. 

But, I did get these photos taken by my lovely wife, who also reeled in some monsters!! 

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