Catch And Release. 

I fought with the beast for a savage 30 minutes!!! He flailed and jumped at the end of my line like he was the elusive Moby Dick!! When I finally landed him, he jumped from my line back into the safety of the water. Now, this wouldn’t have been so bad, but he snapped my line! 

Twenty minutes later I experienced the same tug on the line! I knew it was him! ‘Put up a fight with me!! Come on!!! I got ya this time!!’ I said! I felt the line go completely limp. Had he retrieved to safety once again?? Then I felt the power of his tug on my line once again!! I brought him to the dock a second time! This time, we got him on the dock!! Only me and one other fishing companion saw the emense size of this beast!! The Great Catfish he was called by my elders! 

And now I will tell the story for generations about how I caught the elusive beast, not once, but twice!! And he still got away!! 

Sometimes that is how it goes isn’t it? We capture a great opportunity, and it slips through our fingers. But, if we are patient and diligent the opportunity can bite on our line a second time. Yes, sometimes we know what we missed the first time and we fight even harder to keep it the second time. But sometimes in life, as in fishing, that which we captured was not meant to be ours in the first place. I will always remember the ginormous size of the beast I fought twice today. I only wish there was more than one other there to witness the capture, and the untimely release. 

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