Mind Of Man. 

Savage. Uncontrolled. I am all for freedom, but there needs to be limits. A free for all is always a bad idea because someone will end up on the beating end of a stick with that thinking. 

Even The Bible says we need to find self-control. We are human beings, not savages with no laws to follow. And yet, there are so many who think the law doesn’t apply to them. Why? Is that savage? Is that closer to savage than obeying the laws set in place? Should laws be changed as the world continues to turn? 

Where does control end? Thinking we can have complete control, now that is savage! I don’t have a clue if I am to lie down to go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow. I may not. Earlier today I found out this is moreso true for an old friend of mine who decided we are no longer friends. 

Funny how life does that to you. We get upset over trivial things and end relationships and friendships, even family relationships often end over things that won’t matter in five years, let alone Eternity. That is savage, right? 

I could go on and on now that the ball is rolling. But, I need to cut this off here. I hope I have given us something to think about with my thoughts on savage. I hope we as humanity can stop being savage to each other one day. We don’t hunt each other, or at least we shouldn’t. I hope one day we can all live together in peace and love. But there is only One Way, The Way that will happen. And That’s The Truth. 

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