Don’t Fall Back! 

I am a fan of inspirational videos and farming videos on YouTube. Earlier today This One was in my queue. I was on my break, so I clicked play. The words spoken by Denzel Washington in this video hit me so hard! 

He is giving a commencement speech at a college. And his words, They always say, ‘make sure you have something to fall back on.’ hit me hard! Because that has been said to me. Make sure you have a safety net. Make sure there is something there to catch you if you fall. What the word fall really means in this context is Fail. 

Fall back on. That means someone came face to face with you and pushed you backward! THAT MEANS YOU LET IT HAPPEN!!! Are you hearing me?? Am I being clear??!! SOMEONE PUSHES YOU DOWN AND YOU LET THEM!!! What are you gonna do now? Are you gonna go crying to your corner, or your parents or friends? Or are you going to be a warrior and the next time that happens you will know how to stand your ground, or if need be, stand your ground and push back! 

I have said it before and I will say it again and again and again- SOMEONE WHO NEVER LOSES SIGHT OF THE SHORE, OR THEIR OWN SAFETY NET, whatever it is, WILL NEVER DISCOVER ANYTHING NEW!! 100% OF ALL NEW DISCOVERIES EVER MADE WERE MADE BECAUSE SOMEONE BELIEVED IN WHAT THEY WANTED TO ACCOMPLISH. And guess what, they probably failed at the attempts a thousand times! Attempts are never failures. Not trying. Not having faith to leave the shore. That’s failure. 

What will you do after watching This video??? Will you jump into the unknown? Or will you stay safely on the shore? What if what you are meant to discover saves lives? Are you willing to allow people to die because of your fear??!! GO OUT AND FAIL AND TRY AGAIN!! 

Denzel Washington 

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