Raising The Standard. 

This is me: 

I was selected as a Happy To Help Winner at my Walmart in Montevideo, Minnesota. When the assistant manager who bestowed this honor upon me called me back to the office to receive this award he asked me how it made me feel to be selected for this award. In no uncertain terms, I stated, ‘It ticks me off, really. To think that me doing my job and being friendly needs to be rewarded with a pin says a lot about what mostly happens. Instead of rewarding what everyone should be doing to the few who do it, we need to raise our standards. This shouldn’t be a reward, it should be a requirement!’ I then said thank you, shook the assistant managers hand, and wheeled out of the office. 

We need to change our notion that good behavior gets rewarded and start bringing up the standard of what we expect out of everyone. Are you raising the standard of those around you today? You should be. If you aren’t, what are you doing? 


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