Amazing How Things Grow!! 

I am now entering into my fourth year with and every year I have seen progression. Progression in my writing style and capabilities, progression in my number of views, progression in number of countries who have visited. It truly has been a growing process in every sense of the word. 

Today, I have the chance to tie my views with my first year of blogging. I began this four years ago with the intent of becoming a paid blogger. But, since that literally takes a minimum of 4,000 views per month before WordPress lets me monetize my site, I have a long way to go. 

But today, if I can hit 3,944 views for the year, I will call it a success!! 30 views to go today. My editor always says, ‘Don’t concentrate on the numbers. Focus on the inspirations you provide and the rest will come.’ The only reason I share these numbers with you now is maybe you are just starting out. Maybe you are feeling discouraged because you have been at this day after day after day for maybe a few months, or even a year. Don’t fret! It will come! 

Last year I almost hit 12,000 views for the year! I would love to do that in a month, but that takes a lot of time, writing and work. I will get there, but the journey is long. You will reach your goals too! Just keep fighting through it and set reasonable goals. 

30 views today to tie my first year blogging numbers of 3944, that’s reachable. What can I do to help you today? 

5 thoughts on “Amazing How Things Grow!! 

  1. Keep writing. I enjoy your blog. And all that info was news to me. Four years for you, four months for me. Dang it, I got some catching up to do. wink. For me, I write to write, and enjoy people like you who clearly love it also. Good luck. I will continue to be one of your cheerleaders.

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