Making Good Things. 

My life acronym keeps popping into my head tonight and I can hear my editor in my head saying, ‘Ya know, you haven’t brought that up in a while!’ It’s been nagging me for a couple hours now, so I had to write about it. 

A few years ago The Lord placed an acronym on my heart. I Make Positive Actions Come True. IMPACT! It is actually the acronym on which this blog is based. I had to share it tonight because I firmly believe someone is coming to my blog either tonight, or early tomorrow (maybe it already is tomorrow where you are) and they need to read this, possibly share it with a friend. 

What are some positive actions you can do right now, or today? A smile? Share a meal? Listen to a friend having a tough time? Call a family member or friend? Maybe it’s something you have that someone else needs more than you. Can you share a gift, or a needed item with someone who may come into your path? 

There are literally THOUSANDS of ways to make an impact on your day and those you encounter. Right now, I am impacting someone, somewhere in the world by writing these words and they will come along and read them. 

A young man was throwing starfish into the ocean and the beach was covered with them. Someone came along and said, ‘How do you expect to make a difference to all of these starfish? Surely, most of them won’t be impacted. The young man picked up a starfish and threw it back into the ocean. ‘To that one, I made a difference.’ 

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