Amazing Days! 

Finishing out the weekend with a day of fishing? Yes, please!! All-in-all we caught and kept 12 fish. Biblical proportions for a Sunday, no? 

The last couple days we spent in the cities. Some good times, a couple hours of really hard times. Losing a friend is never easy. When that friend is like a brother, it’s really not easy. No, we had a split a couple years ago, his decision, but I still loved the guy like a brother. If you follow my blog you know the whole story, but for those who are catching up here, he was born with a heart condition and we believe he decided to stop taking his heart medication that thins his blood so it can pump easier a couple years ago after the break up. And now he is in ICU and they are not terribly optimistic he will make it. Neither are a couple of us who have known him a long time. 

Had the opportunity to hang out with my cousin after that and some amazing friends. We played Cards Against Humanity. And then the next day my sister took us to a great hole-in-the-wall breakfast place called The Mason Jar. I am not kidding when I say if you are in Minnesota or a day’s drive from the Twin Cities, GO TO THIS PLACE IN EAGAN ON CLIFF ROAD!!!! Absolutely amazing service and the food is to kill for!! Ok, that’s extreme, but seriously! It’s amazing!! 

I need to find a balance between living life and blogging. I want to savor the flavors of life and have a life of writing as well. I want to savor the flavor of writing success. There needs to be a balance. I will find it someday. I hope you enjoy my adventures and inspiration I write. I have been doing this for over three years now, so feel free to dig deep and look around. Much love to you all! Savor the day!!! 

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