Savor The Savory!! 

Today I want to suggest good food! I want to savor the savory. Savor is another one of those interesting English words that can mean different things. To savor means to suggest, but it also means to enjoy delicious food. I am sorry, enjoy COMPLETELY delicious food. 

I do that quite often. When I place a food item in my mouth and the salty, and sweet, and sour and all the other notes of flavor dance on my tongue, I don’t hold back!! Yums will dance from my lips like whirling dervishes of deliciousness!! It can be comical and embarrassing. 

But today, I want you to enjoy all of life. As I type this the cool morning air flows around me and through me. The birds morning chorus fills me with my own song. I am enjoying this entire moment of solitude and awareness. I am savoring this moment. And I wish for you to savor your moments too. We do not know when our moments will come to an end, whether by our knowledge or not. So savor the flavor of life. 

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