WordPress Stalks Me!! 

The last few days I have mentioned in multiple posts the weekend eating adventures I experienced in the Twin Cities. Old Chicago and The Mason Jar, and lots of other junk food from gas stations. To say that our diets were healthy Friday, Saturday, or (I hate to admit it) even Sunday would be a gross misinformation of the truth! Shakes, donuts, brats, a delicious Spanish chicken and veggies dish made by our fishing buddies and neighbors (that was actually quite healthy until I put it all on a tortilla!!) but it all was edible. 

I have been writing about these things since Friday and now, today, The Daily Post Word Of The Day is Edible! I am being stalked! I find it honoring really though. No, I am not a conspiracy theorist and no, I don’t believe WordPress is ACTUALLY stalking me and do this on purpose. I just find it amusing and funny because it has happened before where I will blog about a topic and then within one or two days what’s the topic on The Daily Post? Yep, what I have been blogging about. 

Edible. There are many things that are edible, but the key is to find ones that are actually good for us. So many of us don’t do that. I am at least becoming more self-aware of my issues with it and putting more knowledge into what I consider edible, and I hope it makes a great change within me and hopefully, within others. I want us all to succeed and do well. 

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