What If Wednesday. 

I LOVE MY FRIENDS!! Promptlings.wordpress.com IS AMAZING!! The questions she asks and makes people think is mind-boggling, even for me! I love to look at things in new ways and think on new questions, she has the place to do that with What If Wednesday!! 

Today’s question asks, If you could have any single writer from HISTORY write your biography, who would it be? AND, if you could have one CURRENT writer write your biography, who would you pick?

A single writer from history that I would love to write my biography, that is a tough one!! John Steinbeck, Mark Twain, Norman McClane, Harper Lee all would have to write some chapters. Wow! Amazing writers I would be HONORED if they would ‘contribute a verse!!’ And that brings up another writer from the past who would write an amazing biography for me. As Robin Williams called him in Dead Poets Society, Uncle Walt! Walt Whitman!!  

And then we come to the one I would more than likely choose, a single named author who wrote many books, all contained within One Book, The Bible, Paul. To have Paul from The Bible write my biography, I know it would be whispered like the words of God! 

The contemporary author I would choose is a little more easy to discuss. There are only two. If I was to choose a current writer to write my biography, it would either be John Eldrege who wrote Wild At Heart, a book about men finding their true roots and purpose as God designed them to be. I have read this book four times and I take more and more away from it every single time!! To have Mr. Eldredge write my biography, I know it would be written with passion and a heart on FIRE for God!! 

The other contemporary author I would choose is another Christian author. He was not always a Christian. He is a lawyer who was an atheist until he wrote the book, The Case For Christ. The book has a couple different covers that I can find, please, if you are either on the fence, or totally against Jesus Christ being your savior and making a huge change in your life, READ THIS BOOK!! 

So, now you know where to find deep, thought-provoking questions if you’d like. I want to encourage you to expand your blogging and write to inspire others. Write to get others to think. And please, go visit my friends page!! Promptlings.wordpress.com

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