Believe me, it all matters!! 

I can’t shake this blog post inside me. Here it is 12:29a.m. Earlier today I received the news that Chester Bennington had died. That’s all the first headline I had seen said. Then it came out that it was suicide by hanging. 

So, today I sat down and I listened to the music of Linkin Park. Darkness. Sadness. It doesn’t even matter. Heavy. How could we not see this coming??! And why in the name of all that is sacred and holy didn’t we reach out to Chester??! We are to blame! This was visible pain, written in lyrics for YEARS!! And did we do anything? I didn’t. 

But, we did know him, could be your reply. In this day and age of technology we are more separated than ever, and yet, we can reach anyone on the planet! Famine, disease, hunger, death, depression, suicide, striking brother against brother and friend against friend. It’s all tools of the devil! And it needs to stop!! 

I could have done something. Seriously, it used to be six degrees of separation, but today, we are all connected more than ever and more than we know. We could have done something. Suicide never needs to happen! 

So seriously, if you are reading this and you feel alone, you feel life is heavy, you feel like it doesn’t even matter, believe me, it does!! You could be the one to save a thousand lives, but you just don’t know it yet! Are you willing to snuff that fire out?? We have no clue at this moment how many lives we could end up saving one day. Right now, if you feel alone, if you feel heavy, I am doing what I can to save yours! 

Depression and sadness are no joke! They are tools of the devil used to seek and destroy! But, I want you to ask yourself, what else are you destroying??! You could be someone else’s miracle. Are you willing to risk that because it is so overwhelmingly hard right now? Circumstances change in an instant! You have no clue that your miracle to change your life from despair and loneliness could be tomorrow! Sure, it could be years from now, I must concede that. But, please reach out and talk to someone about what is going on. Don’t let your music die. It may be Heavy and feel like it doesn’t even matter today, but tomorrow could be the change you need! 

Stay with me. Jesus knows right where you are. Reach out to Him and fall into His arms. I promise you, they are there even when you don’t see them. 

Peace and love to all human beings!! 

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