Let Those Who Mourn Be Comforted. 

I have to say it because I am tired of it. Chester Bennington killed himself today. And I have seen a few well-meaning Christians say, ‘If he had Jesus he wouldn’t have done this.’ I heard the same thing after Robin Williams committed suicide. I know it won’t sound like a nice response to the well-meaning Christians who have said these things, but– SHUT UP!! 

I know a lot of Christians who have battled many demons, okay. Myself included. Depression. Drugs. Alcohol. Pornography. These are all tools used by demons of Satan to lure us away from the truth. They are all tools we use to belittle our fellow human beings. What ever happened to the phrase, ‘And they will know us by our love.’ Now, I am not by any means saying don’t call sin sin. It is, and it must be called out and corrected, but in the right way. 

To condemn someone who is in so much pain they thought the only way out was suicide is NOT THE ANSWER. Condemning sin needs to happen. Condemning the person and not loving them through the changes that need to happen is NOT THE ANSWER. 

Our mission is not to kick a person when they are down, but carry them to the cross so they can kneel to the only one who can save them! We don’t kick them there, we carry them there! And when there, we don’t desert them! This life is not meant to be lived heavy! And it gets heavy, awfully heavy when someone consistently says, ‘You’re wrong!’ in their words and actions. So, stop. Pray. Have compassion for the hurting, or just walk away and let someone who does have compassion for the situation take care of it. 

We will never know the entire contents of Chester Bennington’s spirit. We will one day know what God decided. And won’t a bunch of people be surprised when they see him rockin’ with Jesus and singing songs of praise and not songs of sadness and heaviness?! Not one of us is god other than Jesus Christ. We don’t know where Chester is now. But we do know his flame of awesome has been snuffed out for the time being. I want to encourage us all to not spit or dance on his grave. Let those who mourn mourn. Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Condemnation never comforts. Please remember that. Let us grow together in love for one another. 
                          National Suicide      


                            800 273 8255

                       It’s Ok Not To Be Ok 


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