Harmonies From Childhood. 

I grew up listening to this song and I loved it!! I know it older than when I remember listening to it, but I remember this song from the summer of 1982, or as I call it, The Body Cast Summer. 

I hope if my mom or dad reads this they will correct me if I am wrong, but for some reason, 1982 sticks in my mind as the body cast summer. I had a cart that a mechanic would use to slide underneath cars on which I would roll around. I remember my mom was teaching an art class called Art In The Park. Yes, we actually were in a park! I remember painting on the ground while in my body cast. 

It’s funny, my memories have bits and pieces, but rarely is it an entire plot. I don’t know if it is surgeries, or being 41. Who knows? But, I do know while I was in the body cast it was summer, and These harmonies were on the radio. I love This song!! take a listen!

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