Cross Your T’s!

There are no accidents. All things work together for the Glory of The Lord!! It’s no mistake that a T looks like a cross. Jesus Christ, our savior was crucified for all of us on a cross. The letter T was meant to end Him, it set Him free!! 

I want to share with you a story that happened tonight. It has nothing to do with Tea, or T, but it has EVERYTHING to do with The Cross of Jesus Christ. I hope and pray you will take the time to read this all the way through. And then, I hope you send it on. It could save a life. Are you ready? Read on– 

You are LOVED!! You are ADORED!!! God IS REAL!!! I was on my way home from Djaying the Chippewa County Fair tonight and I wasn’t going to stop to fuel up the car. I didn’t turn on our street. Something made me keep going. I turned on to Highway 29. I drove to Casey’s, ‘okay, I’ll put $20 in the tank tonight. That will see me through.’ I was riding on fumes. 
As I pull in I see a friend fueling her car. At first I was annoyed because the way I came into Casey’s I needed to whip my car around so my tank would be on the right side to fuel up. I was going to just pull into the spot she was in. I get my wheelchair out and I start fueling my car. I let my annoyance go away and I smile and say, ‘Hey! How are you doing?’ expecting a normal ‘I’m fine. How are you tonight?’ Or something along those lines. Nope. God called me to that station at that exact moment for a purpose!!!! I spent an extra hour and a half at the fair talking to friends!! Why?? This was the reason why!!!! THERE ARE NO MISTAKES, THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS!! EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF MY LIFE IS DIRECTED BY JESUS FOR A PURPOSE!!!! 
She said, ‘My husband killed himself Sunday night. Our kids are devastated and our Youngest keeps asking, ‘when is daddy coming home? I miss popcorn time!’ See, her big memory with him was popcorn before bed. And now, he’s gone. How do you explain that to a child? You can’t. The worst part is, he showed no signs of having the inclination of doing anything even close to this! His wife had no clue he was going to do this and she is devastated!! God knows who she is, please pray her through. 
My friends, Satan has power when we let him. He lies! He destroys! He Knows you have a divine purpose!! He knows, if he doesn’t take you out, he loses and he loses huge!!! But, I need you to know, YOU ARE LOVED!! YOU ARE CHERISHED BEYOND ANY HUMAN NOTIONS!! We cannot conceive of the level of God’s love for each and every one of us. He doesn’t care what we have done! He loves us!! He wants each and every one of us to be with Him!! 
The enemy, Satan seeks to destroy and to kill. How many lives are now affected because this one man is no longer on Earth? I witnessed it is at least a few!!! How many more could it be? He was loved! He IS LOVED!!!! Lives are now tragically affected because of that one action where he felt he couldn’t go on any longer. 

I want you to know, your life can be affected in a positive way by knowing the one man on Earth who gave His life for you!! Jesus Christ is REAL!! He directs my paths, and He can direct yours too when you let Him. Open up your heart and mind to Him right now and I promise, if you give your all to Him, you will experience a change. 
Dear Savior, 
Take over the lives of everyone who reads this. We know you won’t take away all our pain in this life. This life is hard and full of pain and hardship, but Lord, you are real! And I pray right now that you extinguish the power of Satan in every single person’s life who reads this!! Give them a joy and a peace that passes all understanding, Lord!! Help every single person who reads this to know beyond any doubt shouted out by Hell and Satan that they are loved, that they are cherished and YOU DIRECT OUR PATHS!!! 
Now, imagine if I had ignored that feeling to go fuel up the car tonight and this message had not been shared with you. Imagine, what happens if you don’t share the love of Jesus Christ with your loved ones right now!! YOU ARE LOVED!!!! YOU ARE SO CHERISHED I AM WRITING THIS THROUGH TEARS FLOWING DOWN MY FACE!!!! I LOVE YOU!! I CHERISH YOU!!! STAY ALIVE!! STAY IN THE FIGHT!!

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