It’s A Lot Of Things! 

Tea it’s a drink. The water cold or hot becomes what is soaked in it. It takes the taste and color of the tea. 

Tea it’s a place. There is a town in South Dakota here in The United States, named Tea. I would like to learn the history behind that town and why it got that name. 

Tea it’s healthy! I now drink water because I am really cutting back my sugar intake. I used to drink sweet tea, but I found the sugar content was not much less than pop. But, the Chinese culture drinks a lot of tea. The British culture has tea time (as far as we have been told here in the states). 

Tea it’s a customary relationship builder. People drink tea to socialize and catch up with friends. As the water becomes the tea, so the people we socialize with become like one another. When we associate with people we become like them. We relate. And it often happens during drinks which can be tea! 

See! Tea is far more than you ever realized. Tea has a lot to do with a lot. 

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