Be Like Jesus. 

How can I extend you grace today? This question just hit my brain and my soul! And it is desperately needed in our world. We are so out of control with the ‘You violated my rights’ and ‘They deserve what they got coming!’ Movements that we have all but killed any notion of Grace!! 

So tonight, I want to give Grace a hit of adrenaline and CPR. I want to revive it by any means necessary. Even on The Cross, after being beaten within an inch of His life, so His Own FOLLOWERS didn’t even recognize Him, he was forced to carry a cross a mile. All while being beaten even more. And then He was NAILED TO THE CROSS WHERE HE HUNG UNTIL HE DIED. The people thought, ‘Well, we finished that! He’s dead. Take your grace now!’ But guess what?! EVEN UNDER CENTURION GUARD THE SEALED STONE WAS BROKEN AND ROLLED AWAY!!!! This is a serious problem for the guards of the tomb. Romans are not known for showing Grace and this instance was one time when they would have been put to death themselves. We never hear in The Bible what happened to them, but did God extend them grace? I bet He did! 

So, back to my original question, What can you do and in what situations have you been lately where you can say, ‘okay, you did this to me, but I fully forgive you. It is finished.’ And then walk away as though nothing had ever happened to you? And completely forgive the person and never bring it up again? Don’t tell me you don’t have plenty of examples of where you can extend grace. We all have all sorts of experiences where we can choose to say it is finished, and love our fellow human beings like God does. Think on these situations wherever you are now. And extend grace to those who don’t deserve it in your eyes and can’t ever repay you for that grace. 

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