Life’s Blessings. 

I am not sure I have mentioned it in my blog before, but I am Djaying the Chippewa County Fair this year. I play music, make announcements, basically have an all-out good time. 

Well, yesterday a country star came to our fair for a concert. John Michael Montgomery appeared last night. At the beginning of the day I had no intention of even going! God had way better plans! 

About 3pm yesterday afternoon a friend of mine approached my DJ tent. She asked if I wanted to watch the VIP gate for the concert. Always wanting to be of assistance, I said, ‘Sure! I can help out with that!’ 

So, we got set up at our spot, and we began handing out lanyards for the special green tickets that allowed entry into the VIP area. These people paid three times the regular price tickets to have free pizza, beer and beverages throughout the concert. And then, they got a meet-n-greet with John Michael Montgomery. As we were handing out lanyards my friend who asked me to work security gives me this look like, ‘Oh, you’re gonna love what is comin’ next!!’ And she signals me over to an area behind the stage. ‘Come on! We’re gonna meet him!’ She said. 

All the security staff got to meet and hang out with John Michael Montgomery! I wish I could share the photo with y’all, but I am not tagged in it. Needless to say, it was a fun and memorable evening! I wish my wife could have been there, but I did record a couple videos for her– 


Stay the course, my friends. You have absolutely no idea when life is gonna throw a little, or a huge blessing your way! We have no clue what five minutes from now is gonna bring, let alone five years, or fifty years! Don’t worry about it. Stay the course and keep being the best you that God designed you be. Don’t listen to the lies of Satan saying, ‘You need to change this or that to be happy!!’ Its not true! If you weren’t happy one way, changing anything won’t create long-lasting happiness. Only Jesus can do that. 

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