Turning A Negative Into A Positive. 

When I google the word Pest, this is what I find: 

 nuisance, annoyance, irritation, irritant, thorn in one’s flesh/side, vexation, trial, the bane of one’s life, menace, trouble, problem, worry, bother; informalpain (in the neck), aggravation, headache, nudnik

Not much pisitivity there, is it? I like that one word though Trial. A trial is a pest? Well, that means that a pest can be used to make one stronger! 

You’ve heard it said before, and I am now saying it again, don’t discount the pain of life. Growing pains must happen to make us stronger. A trial means we must work harder to achieve the desired goal. So, sure. Look at something as a pest, but let it grow you stronger through the trial of it. 

Another positive way to look at a pest. Sometimes, we look at a younger sibling as a pest, right? They want to be around us all the time. They copy what we do. They get annoying with their questions about what we are doing. They can become a pest. But, why do they do that? 

They do that because they are younger and they are trying to learn about their world from us. The best way to grow and to learn is to be a pest with questions. But, as the teacher we must realize they don’t know any better, so it is a perfect opportunity to practice patience. 

See, there is always a positive lesson to be learned. Even with a pest. 

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