Lust Is Fleeting. 

Just a few minutes ago I posted the way I thought to look at lust differently. What I didn’t take into account was the simple truth that lust is fleeting. Lust never lasts. Passion dies. There are hills and valleys in life. What do we do to keep us going when the passion dies? 

I experienced that this week. 8 hours a day, Djaying for our local county fair. That’s a lot of music and a lot of announcements, my friends. I did AWESOME for the first three days. It was a five-day fair this year and by yesterday mid-day, I was done. My lust to make the crowds dance and sing to my music, and to let them know where to go for food and events, flickered out like a candle. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do! I have a passion for Djaying, but a five-day gig to come up with new music and a new way to present things every single day, that gets long. But, another Fair is in the books now and my passion for people and bringing joy to others remains. 

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