Bad Words. 

Lose. Lost. Didn’t win. Didn’t work hard enough. Didn’t put in the effort. These words and phrases have become taboo to say in today’s society. What does that create? A society that is substandard. Why have we not allowed the best, the cream of the crop to be the pinnacle anymore? Now, everyone has to be included, or feelings get hurt. Waaaaaaaaa!! You didn’t allow me. 

In 1990, I wasn’t allowed to play football, why? Because I was born with a birth defect called Spina Bifida and my legs don’t work. A key point of playing FOOTBALL, is to have FEET THAT WORK!! I never cried about it. I never screamed out and said, ‘I need to be included or my feelings will be hurt and you will pay for that!!’ Now, we have lowered our bars on everything so we are now substandard. The standard should be the pinnacle. You want the standard? Then reach for it! Then work for it!! Now, we have to create a trophy for everyone so they feel like a winner. 

To say that someone needs to work harder at something has become bad words. To tell someone, ‘You didn’t make the cut.’ Has become bad words. When and why did we lose that? Not everyone can be included in everything. It is time to raise the standards again. 

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