Clear Thinking. 

For a couple days now my brain has been in a foggy state. The fog can be a scary thing because we cannot see where we are going. We don’t have a clear direction. 

But, it can be a freeing experience too. Relying on the winds to carry us where they may can lead us to new things we never dreamed. Our dreams happen when we are in a fog. Our dreams happen in a sleep state. 

Can our true potential be reached when we go on auto-pilot and just keep going? Sure, it may seem like we are lost, but what if that is when the true destination of the journey is achieved? People always say focus, but when we focus we only focus on what we see. There is a whole world of possibilities out there that we cannot see. Reach for those! Step into the fog and get lost. When we get lost we can be found in a whole new world. That is clear thinking. 

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