It All Starts With You!! 

I have quite a few friends and acquaintances who keep saying they want to spread more re positive vibes into the world. They want to be more loving. They want opportunities to do this or that. 

Beware what you wish for, friends. The universe (God) will give you opportunities to share these blessings with others and I promise, it will not always be easy! When you say you want the world to be more loving, you will find yourself in contact with those who are tough to love. When you say you wish people would take the time to listen more, you will be sought out by people who need a listening ear. Again, you won’t always want to listen, but this is what you asked for! 

Today, I have spent my entire day being approached by people who need love. They need someone to take the time to actually care! We as a world of humans don’t do these things nearly enough. You have extra money in your wallet while you are going home tonight? What will you do with it? Will you rent a movie? Grab some dinner for the family? Get groceries? Get a tank of gas? 

How about that person next to you? What if they are trying to feed their family on a fixed budget? Can you be a blessing to them tonight? If you have all you need and you still have some cash left over, you sure can! The person at the gas station, do you have an extra $50, or even $20 you can leave at the station so the person behind the counter can surprise someone and say, ‘Your fill up has been taken care of today!’ We have a thing here in Minnesota called The Drive Thru Difference. This is where you take the extra cash you have in your wallet, or you take your card and tell the fast food clerk, ‘put an extra _____ amount of dollars on there and use it to pay for the next so many people in line.’ 

And all these little things you can do to help someone else today, it all starts with you! I want the world today to know how much you are loved and cherished by God. He loves you so much that He gave His Only Son, Jesus as a way for us all to spend Eternity with Him in Heaven. It is a real place. And we all can see it and spend Eternity there!

 What fills your heart with passion? It all begins at the heart of the matter! And sometimes it is the exact opposite of what we think we can do. You have a purpose today. Are you seeking it through Jesus Christ? That is the way to bless others. And like I said, it probably won’t be easy. It may go against everything you WANT to do, but if you feel your spirit leading you in a direction, follow it! It could end up changing someone’s life!! Are you willing to stay in your comfort zone out of fear when you know someone’s life, or even Eternal Soul is the cost??!! 

IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU!!!! Don’t let your tomorrow turn into, ‘I should have done this yesterday!!’ DO IT NOW!! Be the gift someone else needs!! 

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