A Symphony In Your Body. 

Your entire body is a symphony! Not one part of it can play out of tune with the others. When one teeny, tiny little part becomes angry, an infection ensues! When that happens it doesn’t take long for your body to send you signals something is out of tune! 

A few weeks ago I acquired a blister on the side of my right leg. I assume it was from those really hot days we had a few weeks ago. I figured, ‘no problem! I will put lavender oil on it and it will help.’ My doctor today informed me, lavender oil is only good for SUNBURNS!! When the tissue opens up, the oil doesn’t do what it is meant to do. This causes even more parts of your body to play out of tune. 

Your body is a symphony, my friends. When an instrument begins to play out of tune and you don’t feel 100%, listen to your body and get checked out if needed. This open spot I have on my leg will now heal in a short time all because I knew what I had to do and should have done a couple weeks ago! This is not my first open wound. I know how to take care of it, but now I have extra steps since I let the orchestra play out of tune for so long. 

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