Oh, What A Night!! 

The song, When I’m With You by Sheriff was released in May of 1983. My wife was born February 14th of 1984, coincidence?? I like to think it was God ordained! This song Was one of my favorite songs of the early 80’s. It was the first song I ever dedicated to a woman I loved. No, she isn’t my wife. She was, but she isn’t anymore. 

And now, this song means even more with my current and only remaining wife. My one and only. My partner. Partner. A part of my entirety. I literally would not be living the life I am if she was not my bride. That’s what a partner should be. Someone who elevates us to our potential. That’s what my wife does. 

Do I always listen? No. And I end up learning the hard way. For example, today I went to the doctor with a burn that we have been trying to heal on our own for a few weeks. It hasn’t worked. She told me a couple weeks ago, ‘You should probably go get that looked at!’ And I thought, ‘No, it’ll be fine.’ It isn’t fine. 

I am now on precautionary antibiotics. We don’t believe there is not much infection yet, but it could come. So, this is a pre-emptive strike. Partnering with my doctor we are going to beat this thing and heal up my leg. 

Anyway, back to my point- my wife. My partner in crime and blessings. That’s what we do. Do we always do the right thing? No. Do we ever commit crimes like Bonnie and Clyde? No. But, in 5 and a half years we have seen our fair share of troubles, mainly with my health. It’s been a battle. But we are battle buddies and partners through life. And it will only happen When I’m With You!!!  

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