Come, Take A Closer Walk With Me. 

God is the creator of the entire Universe. We have yet to discover if there ever is an end to the Universe, or does it go on forever? And scientists always seem to be in a rush to get to their answers. 

My wife always seems to be in a rush to get me to help around the house. 😂😂😂 I admit, when it comes to housework, I amble. I amble so slow it looks like I am sitting still. Mainly that is because my thoughts are on other things. I get prayer requests all the time. I have D.J. Systems shows I need to prep. Speaking of that, I will never listen to google maps ever again!! Well, I will, but I will be far more cautious! Did you know there could be the exact same address in three or four locations? And if you aren’t careful, google maps will take you to the way wrong one! That was not an amble of a trip either! But, thankfully I made it on time even. 

And God knew it all before it even happened. 

When we decide to take a closer walk with Him, our pace will become an amble. We walk, slowly as though we are drinking a beer and rambling on with an old friend. Barefoot we take a slow pace throwing stones into the waves as we move along at a leisurely pace so it seems like time is standing still. Why? Because time doesn’t matter to one who is Eternal. 

We live a life where we are constantly told, ‘You never know how much time you’ve got left! You need to get it done today!’ God knows and if we are going about His specific tasks for our life, He will give us the time. When we seek Him, when we amble along with Him, time becomes irrelevant. 

What are you seeking to get done today? Me? I have to put away my laundry. Or at least try. Some spaces in our home are a little tight to get into with my wheelchair. But, I will make the effort. All the while, I will amble with My Father In Heaven. He makes time stand still. I have learned to take many closer walks with Him because He knows the journey already. Unknowns? Not with Him. I can amble along at my own pace with Him. God does not care about time. He holds it all in His hand! And we need to become like that too. 

If we could learn to not be so concerned with the clock, we would find we could get much more done. If we would learn to not be so concerned with objectives, we would find we would be more at peace. Let tomorrow take care of itself. And if you can, amble along with God throughout your day. Can you hear Him calling out to you? 

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