How It Should Be Done. 

The bad thing about a carousel is everything is there for everyone to see. Things go round and round. Sure, some people laugh, but others cry. I live my life by one simple saying, ‘In the airport of life, never go to the baggage claim.’ You don’t need what is on that carousel. 

When Jesus called the 12 disciples he didn’t ever say, ‘Go pack a bag and we will meet at the market in an hour.’ He said, ‘Drop what you’re doing and follow me.’ And that life was not a carousel. When Jesus completed a miracle it was never a ‘I’ve got other shows at noon and 4p.m.!’ He completed miracles out of love. You couldn’t come back around and see the same thing again. 

You are not on a carousel, my friends! Don’t treat this life like you are just riding around and can see everyone and everything and if you miss it they will come around again. It doesn’t work that way! It’s not a pick and choose your baggage either! Leave it on the carousel and don’t carry it with you anymore! Become new! Let your feet take you in new directions with nothing to carry. That’s how Jesus did it. That’s how we should do it. 

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