In Case You Haven’t Heard. 

Glen Campbell ended his struggles with alzheiemer’s disease today. I use the term struggle because, as we sit today, there is absolutely no way to cure this terrible disease! It is not a battle with Alzheimer’s except for the ones left more and more behind every day as memories fade. 

So, in honor of Glen, in case you have never heard his hit from 1968, Here it is. Witchita Lineman. 

Also, I am raising money to help find a cure to end this disease. Click the link to help donate what you can for the cause:

If you are looking for more facts about how evil this disease is and why it needs to be stopped, watch Glen Campbell’s documentary I’ll Be Me. It tells the story of his diagnosis and the end of his music career. Today, we lost a legend! Watch a clip from the documentary Here. And please check out its entirety on Netflix or Hulu. 

If you can help me raise funds, click Here. All funds go to help the cause and there are multiple facets where it is needed. Any dollar amount helps. 

If you want the facts before you donate, click Here. I love you all! And we all deserve to remember. 

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