Variety Is The Spice Of Life.

I am a person full of variety. I love to laugh. I love most types of humor. I love to try new exciting things. This summer I have been camping and fishing with my bride and a couple friends. 

The last time I went fishing before this summer was while I was in high school, more than 25 years ago! Sometimes we lose sight of our spice in life. And we need to reinvent ourselves. Over the last year I have revived a passion for djaying. I work with a company from Montevideo, Minnesota and we currently have a 5-hour reach. I would love to see that grow larger. Talk about added spice in life, right? 

I have done farm work. I have been a tutor. I have been a friend. I have been an on-air personality. I have monitored alarm systems across the United States. I have accomplished a lot! Why? Because it’s variety and who says I can’t do it?! 

That is the attitude we need to grow in our world. Healthy, inspirational attitudes that help people know they have purpose! You have a fire, a spiciness deep within you to do a great many things! Why aren’t you doing them? 

Variety is the spice of life, so get out there and try everything you can! If I can do it from a wheelchair, you have no excuse. What do you want to pursue today? Travel? Teaching? Helping the world? Helping your community? You can do it all. But you must start the variety of things you wish to accomplish. It could be a divine fire within you that is calling you to change the world. 

Light that spicy fire today!! And do as many things as you can. You never know who is counting on you to do the variety of things in your heart. 

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