A Little About My Week. 

It has been a long week! Two weeks ago I was the D.J. for our local Chippewa County Fair. It felt awesome to be out there every day giving the people music to enjoy. 

Then last Saturday I djayed a 40th birthday party for a friend. It was a great show that ended up going an extra hour. Sunday I began to feel a little sluggish. Monday I went into work and a coworker boss said, ‘You do not look well! You’re radiance is just not there.’ By Tuesday I was in the doctors office and she recommended I take the rest of the week off. So, here I am. 

It is now Thursday, August 10th and the illness that has plagued me is no longer glaring me in the face! I am totally serious when I say this thing wanted to take me out! And take me out it did! I have missed 3 days of work. I have been quarantined in my house. It has been terrible! 

Turns out, I am not the only one who spent all the days at the fair who got sick. So, bless you, person who brought this illness upon us. I wish you no Ill will, I forgive you. 

Yes, I lost serious income this week. Yes, I probably lost some serious respect from coworkers this week. I know my wife is tired of how this has taken me out. I will be going down again in October for surgery, so this was absolutely not wanted! 

But, I can’t stop the glaring thought that this will hold something even greater within itself. I have no idea what the outcome will be of my being sick since Sunday, but I have to believe something good will come of it. Sickness was glaring me in the face this week. I glared back and said, ‘No more!! I will fight you and I will win!!’ 

I am still not up to 100%, but I am far better than I have been the last two to three days. My doctor assured me it is a virus that just needs to run its course. Fluids and rest, she said. So, that is what I have been doing. My wife and I have a plan to go camping this weekend because we feel that being outside will definitely help the germs go away. I have been couped up in this house since Monday and I am ready to get out. 

I have let a lot of things slack off while this has been going on this week, but I hope to pick up that slack this evening and get slowly back to it. 

My final advice, if you feel at all like things are not going in the right direction health wise, go get checked! It could be something that you don’t even know is going on. This whole, ‘I’m fine. I don’t need anyone.’ mentality that we have somehow grown over the last 30-40 years is absolute crap! You are one person in a sea of people! We need to rely on each other in all times. I honestly believe that is the glaring elephant in the room who wants to trample us all! If we don’t work together, we shall definitely all fall together. 

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