Deliver Me From Old Ways. 

Dear Daily Post, 

I truly miss the deep question section of your site. I miss being able to look at a concept and maybe even look at it from an opposing view and thereby change my own view of said question by the time my process was complete. 

Take for example today’s Daily Post Word Delivery. Now, this one word can mean the delivery of a baby, it can mean the delivery of a pizza or mail, it can even mean the delivery of a statement or punchline of a joke. 

Don’t get me wrong, it does help me broaden my chances to write something when I can easily write 10-15 posts on one simple word. But, I truly do miss the notion of notions. Ideas and questions brought to light by your readers and writers. 

The delivery of this blog post may seem quite far off from my usual upbeat and all-go, never say die positive attitude posts, and it is. But see, I am living a life now. I have been immersed in a world of camping and fishing and I quite like it. 

Maybe that’s the point? Maybe my entire view has changed because of experiences of late. Maybe I am not the same man I was a year ago when I wrote about concepts and notions that were presented to me in the form of a question I could reel over again and again. 

Maybe, as I write this, I am experiencing a new birth delivery. A delivery from the notion that things need to come in one specific box. A notion that if the package doesn’t match the contents it is of no use! 

Keep doing what you are doing Daily Post!! You have awakened a new light within me! The delivery of a new blogger has emerged victorious! 

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