Ironic In So Many Ways. 

First of all, watch This Commercial from Jimmy Johns, then, let us discuss the issues therein. Don’t read ahead until you watch the video. 

Okay, I get it Jimmy Johns, you have freaky fast delivery. But, in the commercial above, there is no delivery of anything. A woman standing amongst what we can assume is her family looks downtrodden and ready for a break. So, what does she do? She turns around and sees a Jimmy Johns. She walks in and breathes a sigh of relief, commercial over. 

There was absolutely no delivery of any sort in the commercial. They didn’t even deliver the worn out woman a sandwhich when she entered their store. She entered the store. Where is the delivery when you have to enter the store? Seriously, did thee ad executives not graduate with a degree in communications or sales? 

All around, this is just a bad delivery of a terribly good and awesome product! Yes, I love Jimmy Johns, but This Advertisement fell amazingly short. 

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