The Peanut Butter Of Life. 

Jiffy, its more than just peanut butter. And apparently it never was a peanut butter, but that’s an entirely different blog post!! It’s more than just an auto care business. Turns out a lot of products and business want to express the notion of speediness. 

In a jiffy! The sad part is, that is actually life.  Here I am at 41- years old. I don’t know if I have another 41 years left in this body. And that means the time left will go by in a jiffy! 

A measurement of time. A jiffy. A moment. A dash. A small amount of time. A grain of sand. Nothing but peanuts! Why are we so quick to speed things up and gloss over the small things and make them big things and make the big things so small? 

God holds every event in this world in His Hands. He knows how the game will play out. Why do we combat against that? Things would be so much finer (speaking of small things) if we would realize that everything can change in a jiffy. A moment of time is all it takes and a new road can be forged. 

But, it is also said a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. If we want to see a positive thing take place we cannot sit by while negative things happen. It’s too sad that change doesn’t happen in a jiffy, unless you are talking about an oil change. 

Image from a search for Jiffy images which led to

My friends, this life goes by in a jiffy and some of us even get surprised about its ending way sooner than we had hoped! Thankfully, I have not received such news as of yet. I hope to hit at least 50 years with my bride of 4 years, 1 month and 2 weeks! So, we have a long way to go! And that won’t be done in a jiffy! 

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