What You Seek You Will Find. 

My wife and I have finally reached a point where we are going to live life. We want to do more than just the occasional movie night out, or dinner date. So, on Friday afternoon we, along with two neighbors and their 5 kids, went an hour drive Southwest of where we live in Montevideo, MN to a park and went camping! 

To say there wasn’t a little chaos would be a gross misrepresentation of the days since Friday. I am still getting over a lung viral infection, so I have been wheezing and coughing and somewhat mopey. But, I still put a smile on my face. To say the same about the five siblings would also be a lie. 

Kids tell it like it is. They don’t sugar-coat things ever. So, there was quite a few disagreements and some tension-filled moments. Not being a parent to five kids it threw me off my game a little bit. So, Friday night, our first night there, I already needed a break. The bathrooms were a good stroll away, so I excused myself and took my time. 

Thankfully, our first night there the skies were clear and the Perseide meteor shower was happening. It was said that there was to be almost 100 meteors viewable per hour! Thank you, Lord for clear skies. We actually had some time as a group looking for meteors too. It was a good evening and a great weekend. 

As I was rolling to the rest rooms I stopped in the middle of the road. No worries, this is small-town Minnesota so I am relatively certain I was safe. Either that, or that was the dumbest thing I have ever done in my life! But, I am safe. 

I looked up into the skies and saw the most stars I ever remember seeing in my life. Skies so clear every star was visible. Skies so clear The Milky Way Galaxy was clearly visible. As I looked at the skies I thought to myself, I am here. I am loved. I exist. Among all these stars and planets and meteors, I Have A Purpose!! I absolutely cannot comprehend how anyone, anywhere can think that everything that is in existence is the roll of some cosmic dice and we are nothing but a craps game. Thank You, Jesus for your love and forgiveness and grace! 

And today, as we returned I was in worship of My Savior again. I fell behind the caravan coming home and I got a message from my wife, ‘Everything okay back there?’ I responded with, ‘Yep. Just in church.’

I was fortunate enough to see a video of my niece playing on the floor of her home. My sister posted it to her Facebook and my niece is singing THIS SONG!!! I said, now that is parenting done right. The Bible tells us teach a child the ways they should go and when they are older they shall never stray from it. I was raised in a Godly home, but I needed to learn that the hard way. It is not my parents fault at all, but I made some bad choices when I first moved out of my childhood home. Sometimes the world speaks really loudly and we can’t help but listen. Thankfully, God is always there whispering and when we are ready we will hear Him. 

That was my prayer on the way home today. As God had opened my heart and helped me know who He truly is as a good, good father, I want all to know Him too. He is a good good father. And this weekend as I looked up at the night sky and saw all those stars and planets and meteors I couldn’t help but know He is real and has a purpose for each and every one of us. I pray you know that today. When you truly seek God, you will truly find Him. 

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