Divine Plan. 

There is no such thing as willy Nilly. I firmly, with every fiber of my being, believe that there are no accidents. There are no circumstances that we have to ‘Wait and see how it turns out.’ It is already written. 

The number of things that have to happen for me to even be sitting here, in my car, with the door wide open, with a cat on my hood, the air cool, but no rain, at 7:19, in the driveway of the house my wife bought long before she ever met me is absolutely beyond mind-boggling! 

The family of geese who I had to stop for, the person at the Subway sandwhich shop taking 20 minutes to make my sandwhich, the fact that I worked an extra 5 minutes to try to make up for being 9 minutes late today. ALL OF THESE THINGS HAD TO HAPPEN AT EXACTLY THE MOMENT AND PROCESS THEY DID SO I WOULD BE SITTING HERE WRITING THIS RIGHT NOW!!! 

And it will also be of no willy nilliness who happens to feel led to read this eloquent post. Nothing happens without God’s reasoning. He can make all things new. Some people say, ‘Only if you give Him all the peices!!’ HE’S GOD!!! HE ALREADY HAD ALL THE PIECES!! HE EVEN HAS PIECES WE HAVENT BEGUN TO THINK OF OR KNOW EXIST YET!! 

So see, there is no such thing as willy nilly. It cannot exist in a universe that has already been ordained by God. 

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