No Serenity! 

We somehow have managed to become a people of no serenity. We don’t understand that most things in life actually are Willy Nilly. defines Willy Nilly as Whether we like it or not. Guess what, that’s life. 

I have had a lifetime of Willy Nilly by this definition. I was born with Spina Bifida- Willy Nilly. 

I failed out of college TWICE- yes, both were because of my own decisions, but Willy Nilly! 

The sun rises and sets- Willy Nilly. 

We all have to go to work, pay taxes, be supportive citizens of our country, no matter what it is, or move- Willy Nilly. 

This entire life can be defined as Willy Nilly by the definition, whether we like it or not. Yes, there are a great many things we can change, but there are a great many things we cannot. And we now live in a world where it is okay to throw fits of rage because of things we cannot change. And we wonder why we have no serenity??! 

We need to be at peace with this world and everything it throws at us. Guess what? This life lasts at most around 100 years. Not one of us will ever get out alive. Why waste energy on things that will happen Willy Nilly? 

So, how can we bring peace to those who need it? We can be the calming voice saying, ‘But did you think of it this way?’ Or, ‘I know this can’t change anything, but I am here for you and will do whatever I can to help.’ Instead of calling people derogatory names and making people feel like crap, why don’t we get off our pedantic high horses?! Yes, it even happens to me from time to time. I am human. I fail. I choose the wrong reaction too. But, at least I recognize the world is doing this and I want to call us all out on it. We can be better! We can do better! We must change and adapt to work together, or in a very short time, we will all surely fall apart. Peace and serenity, my friends! Can we bring it back? 

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