Same Coin. 

Have you ever stepped back and looked at something in a new way? Maybe your eyes were out of focus and whatever you were trying to see looked grainy. 

But, look closer. Look deeper. We are all made up of grains. Teeny tiny molecules of Matter under a microscope appear as millions of tiny grains all linked together. But when we back up, woah! It creates an entire object. 

A tree. A rock. The grass. The animals. Human beings. The clothes you were. The money we spend. The water we drink. The food we eat. It all has Matter. But when we look closer it has a grainy texture to it. 

So it is in all life, we need to decide, do we take a step back and look at the larger picture? Or, do we place what we want to find under a microscope and look at the tiny details we can’t see with the naked eye? Both scenarios are useful, and both scenarios can be quite dangerous. The key is to know when to use the microscope and when to back up. They are two solutions on the same coin. 

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