Little Did He Know. 

August 17th, 2009 I posted ‘Got the job!!!! IM MOVIN TO BALI!!! HA HA Just kidding on that last part.’, On Facebook. I wanted to be a good fit for that job, but I didn’t have what it takes. It was a collections agent. I cannot be ruthless enough to hound someone to every single avenue they can find to pay a bill. I just can’t. So, 3 weeks from that date in 2009, I rolled out and never went back. 

I found a few more ‘jobs’ to get me through, but ultimately, my life unfurled in a way I didn’t see coming. Some people know the methods I chose at the time to medicate myself into believing everything would be okay, but little did I know, this was the beginning of the end of my time in the twin cities. 

In 2009 if you would have said, ‘You will be married and happy. You will be on your way to accomplishing your goals and dreams, even though it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows, you are gonna be great!’ I would have probably broken down crying, which would turn into a crazy joker-like laughter! 

And that’s what I want to share with someone out there. You may feel like a huge wet blanket is currently over your head trying to snuff you out. But, I promise, stay the course and one day you will unfurl that blanket making you feel like you are closed off and finding it hard to breathe. 

Little did he know… these words can come around and change your entire story. It can happen overnight, or it can take years like me. But, when we run the race set before us we can be assured we are open and free to do what we can. 

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