Opposite Direction, Yet The Same. 

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, today’s Daily Post Prompt Word is Unfurled. Unfurled means to be unfolded or spread out. Here’s a key observation I have yet to make– it is still a connected cloth! 

We are one Humanity, my friends. Black, white, yellow, red, purple and gold, green and gold, silver and blue (poor NFL reference there). We are all human. We all bleed. We all hurt. We all fall short of God’s purpose for us. All of us! We are together in this even though there appears to be scissors of separation still trying to cut us apart and cut us down. 

But, we are humanity! We are an inseparable fabric! When we unfurl we are are still together. Yes, we have frayed ends. Yes, we have stains and cuts in our fabric we cannot wipe or sew away. We are one people on one planet! And it is time to find our one unity in Christ! There are no other options! 

And I am saying this to Christians more than those who are not. Whether you don’t believe in any higher power, or you don’t believe in Jesus Christ is irrelevant, so I am speaking now to The Christians of the world– We were born for more than we have become! If we are truly Christians then God’s spirit and power lives within us. If His spirit and power lives within us then we have no choice but to be different. And here’s the problem, we aren’t! 

We need to love more than anyone else on this planet. We need to shake things up and do the unexpected. When the world throws something at us, look away and respond in love. We know this world is not our home. So, why are our fists clenched like so many others? 

And by being loving to everyone and responding in ways Jesus would and the world does not expect we can bring others into the Holy Power of Christ’s love. But that takes moving our hands from the folded motion of prayer into action. Where can you be a difference in the coming days? Where can you show compassion and love? That is what the world needs. Don’t fall into the furled actions of those who wish to rumble. That is not what we are meant to do. 

Feed the hungry. Share the gospel with everyone. Share your food and all resources with anyone you can. I have always wanted to make a large amount of money in my career. Until recently, it was for selfish means. I want to build my wife a good solid home that is wheelchair accessible on a farm. But now, I want to provide for the world. I want to show love and compassion to all I can. I want to make sure no one feels unloved, disrespected, or unfed. That is the method that can make things in this world turn around.

But, I can’t do it alone? Who wants to join the unfurling of humanity so we can bring each other all in together and weave us together more tight than we ever have been? Who’s in? 

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