Unfurl The Canvas!! 

I know, I am really being a broken record here. I am stuck on this note of WE ALL NEED TO COME TOGETHER AND WE ALL NEED TO KNOW THAT EVERY HUMAN BEING MATTERS!!! 

But it was 21 years ago when D.C. TALK said it better than I ever could. We are all colored people! There is no human being without any melanin in their skin. If you live and breathe as a human being you have color. We need to start seeing our common ground and put away our differences. Imagine if just one brush stroke was missing from your favorite painting. Now imagine if just one person was missing from our colorful world. It would be a totally different place. Yes, even the bad ones. They taught us what we ought not to do. 

Unfurl your color and let it fly, my friends!! Love can win the day! 

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